Settlement Engagement & Transition Support (SETS)

The program supports a range of activities for new arrival community members who have lived in Australia between 6 months – 5 years and who have limited English language skills.

The purpose of the SETS program is to equip humanitarian entrants and other vulnerable migrants in their first five years in Australia with the:

  • Knowledge and skills to identifyunderstand and take action to address their identified settlement needs.
  • Focus on social participation, economic well-being, independence, personal well-being and community connectedness.
  • Casework component that assists with a range of advice & referral services.
  • Knowledge to access other services that help their long-term settlement goals.


Additional Access and Support Services for isolated CALD community members in extreme situations. 

This client support can include general casework, information, advice and referral to other services.

  • We only have a small amount of staff time available for this support, so clients will need to book an appointment for this service.
  • Available for priority clients who have limited English – and who have other identified issues and/ or extreme circumstances (significant mental health, low life skills/ social isolation, risk of family violence/ child protection/ gender issues).


Please note: We do not provide Immigration and/or legal advice.

For further information:
Please contact Walaa Sabri
Client Services Case Worker
0490 078 454

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