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Become a member and be a part of our thriving multicultural organisation and community.


Board Positions Available

The board of management at Sunraysia Ethnic Communities Council is seeking new board members to help guide the organisation into a bright future. Previous board experience is not essential as induction and governance training will be provided. If you are passionate about Sunraysia as a vibrant harmonious multicultural community, regardless of your ethnic background, you are welcome to apply. Membership of SMECC is a prerequisite but easily obtained.

We are a skills based board seeking a range of talent and experience. If you are interested please contact Chairperson, Ian Japp, 0447  056 261 or Board Secretary Ratna 0490 073 369 during office hours for more information. The position is voluntary but very rewarding.

(You need to be a member to apply for the board)


Criteria for Membership                                                                                              

Eligibility for membership: be an incorporated cultural/ethnic community group/organisation, or for an individual be residing in the Sunraysia Mallee region.

You or your group is then:

  • Entitled to vote at member meetings and at our Annual General Meeting.
  • Entitled to attend all SMECC meetings and inform your own community groups of what is available in the community, events, and activities they may wish to attend.
  • Entitled to access SMECC’s facilities.
  • Entitled to administration assistance and general support within your community group/organisation such as registering and incorporating new and emerging groups, developing constitutions, letter writing, making invitations, photocopying, and assistance with enquiries.
  • Memberships need to be renewed every June.
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