About Us


Become a member and be a part of our thriving multicultural organisation and community.


Criteria for Membership                                                                                              

Eligibility for membership: be an incorporated cultural/ethnic community group/organisation, or for an individual be residing in the Sunraysia Mallee region.

You or your group is then:

  • Entitled to vote at member meetings and at our Annual General Meeting.
  • Entitled to attend all SMECC meetings and inform your own community groups of what is available in the community, events, and activities they may wish to attend.
  • Entitled to access SMECC’s facilities.
  • Entitled to administration assistance and general support within your community group/organisation such as registering and incorporating new and emerging groups, developing constitutions, letter writing, making invitations, photocopying, and assistance with enquiries.
  • Memberships need to be renewed every June.
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