Youth Activities

SMECC youth activities are aimed at supporting skill development, knowledge, confidence and community engagement of young people from new & emerging communities.

The types of activities vary and are adapted to suit community youth interests and needs. This encourages social participation, communication and teamwork. Young people are welcome to meet the youth worker at SMECC, plan activities, run their own group activities or can just drop in to play games and hang out.

Youth Groups include:
Girls Activity Groups (12-25 yrs.)
Boys Activity Groups (12-25 yrs.)
Mixed activity groups (12-18 yrs.)

Youth group Activities include:
Various sports and games, competition sport, swimming, excursions to places and events, Community BBQs and carwash, cooking, art activities and movie nights.

Mixed group information sessions include: 
Health and wellbeing sessions, police presentations and job interview techniques.

For further information:
Please contact Juvelina Guterres
Program Coordinator
0477 114 272

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