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Can I become a volunteer?

Yes, please contact reception on 03 5022 1006 for application requirements or more information.

Do you offer migration services?

Unfortunately, we don’t offer any migration support in our organisation; however we are able to refer to the relevant migration service. 

Do you offer housing?

We don’t offer accommodation, however a caseworker may be able to assist clients look/apply for housing.

How long does the volunteer recruitment and selection process take?

Please allow a week for us to arrange a screening interview.

Do you offer jobs?

Yes, please drop in your resume, as we may be able to link you with Job providers.

Can someone help me create a resume?

Yes, please contact us on 03 5022 1006 for an appointment.

Do you offer legal advice?

We don’t offer legal advice however we can refer you to the appropriate service.

Do you have a projector in rooms available for hire?

Yes, we have a projector you may use when hiring a room.

Am I required to clean up after each room use/booking?

Yes, we ask that you leave the room packed the way it was found.

How do I enrol my child in play group?

To enrol in our playgroup please contact Juvelina Guterres on 0477 114 272 or coordinator@smecc.org.au

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