Seasonal Worker Accommodation Program

(Pastoral Care)

​SMECC Pastoral Care Workers engage with seasonal workers, key stakeholders, employers, accommodation providers and agricultural workers. Seasonal workers are mostly from CALD backgrounds and are often at risk of exploitation. Additionally, seasonal workers face communication, accommodation, and transport issues. This program aims to address these issues and maintain the safety and viability of the seasonal work force and harvest.

The project outcomes include:

  • Improved access for seasonal farm workers to CovidSafe* accommodation, facilities, transportation, information and support services, thereby leading to;
  • Improved CovidSafe* facilities and practices affecting seasonal farm workers; thereby leading to;
  • Reduced risk and/or incidents of Covid-19, and improved wellbeing among seasonal farm workers.


For further information:

Please contact Corey Iredale
Pastoral Care Coordinator
0427 077 715

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