Inclusion in Sport & Recreation Program

The Inclusion in Sports program aims to introduce newly arrived Refugees and migrants to mainstream sport in Australia. The program focuses on reducing the barriers to participation by supporting individuals to participate in their chosen sport or physical activity.

The program allows to provide financial assistance to qualifying participants. SMECC will support individuals and sporting clubs to provide a range of activities, such as

  • Sporting clinics
  • Seasonal sports
  • Exercise classes
  • Swimming
  • Other physical activities


Eligibility Criteria:

Understanding eligibility can be quite confusing due to the variety of Visa types. Below is a basic guide based on this funding stream. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us and we can conduct the appropriate checks through the VIVO system. We will need a copy of the participants IMMI card, as this has the details required for the check.

To qualify for this program, the participant must fall into one of the following categories and have been residing in Australia under 5 years:

  • Refugee – Visa category 200, 201,202, 203, 204. Partner Visa 100
  • Migrant – Visa Categories – Skilled Migrant (General, Employer nomination or Business skills). Family stream. 189, 190

The location to be serviced is the Mildura LGA, Robinvale and Swan Hill LGA.


For further information:
Please contact Juvelina Guterres
Program Coordinator
0477 114 272

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